Skimming & some serious eye candy

February 17, 2012

You know how you sometimes have books on your shelf that, for some reason or another, you just can’t ever get yourself to pick up and read?

Poor little books. It’s like they’re the last ones chosen for the pick up soccer game at recess. Hopeful and wide-eyed, wishing that every time I approach the book shelf that this, this will be their moment that they finally get a chance to play.

I’ve written before about how I choose what book to read next; it all comes down to impulse. If you’re not feeling it, you’re not feeling it. And if that means that a poor little copy of one of Robert Irwin’s awful terrible crazy so-so real estate investment tomes sits unopened for two years, then so be it.

Sometimes, a book just isn’t destined for several dedicated hours of face time. And that’s where skimming comes in.

I wrote about it. Skimming, that is. About how I do it and still get some use out of it and save a lot of time. You can read it if you’re into that sort of thing. Here’s the link:

How to Skim a Book (without wasting your time)

But this was totally not the point of this post.

The point of this post was to ask you a question, dear Internetz. Are you aware of all of the utterly delicious, drool-inspiring, I-wanna-remodel-my-home-in-order-to-add-them book shelf photos there are out there?

I’m sorry I just used delicious and book shelf in the same sentence.

Feast your eyes, my fellow bookies:


So fun.


This makes my eyes cross a little bit. But I think I like it.

Oh my.


Ok, this is getting painful.


That was me hitting the floor. I just died.

See you in book heaven,

All photos pulled from Pinterest.

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