14 weeks down, 26 to go

October 28, 2011

Dear Internet,

Guess what?

No, you have to guuuueeeesss. Nope, it’s not that. Nope, not that either. Nuh uh, wrong again.

You ready? Ok, fine.

Here it is: there’s a Lil Sorensen on the way.


I know, right! Bat down the hatches and alert the coast guard. Come next spring, it’s about to get a wee bit crazy ’round these parts.

To answer your question, why yes, I’m feeling pretty darn good. Thanks for asking, Internetz! You’re so kind. I am sitting here with my pants unbuttoned and I’ll quickly be too big for these britches, but we won’t go there. Where we will go is a brief discussion on if I’m too big for these britches because of growing baby, or growing belly from all the food I’ve been eating.

You guys. I am hungry. All. Of. The. Time.

It’s becoming quite an issue, really. I dream of what deliciousness I could have for breakfast and the granola bar and Sour Patch Kid wrappers floating around my car…well, it’s not pretty.

If you can’t find me, look in the pantry. It’s a pretty safe bet.

So, anyway, yeah! That’s the news. Due end of April. Boy or girl excitement right after Thanksgiving. We’re excited and grateful and happy and freaked out. In other words, I think we’re pretty normal.

Any advice for a new, geeky mama? Send it over.


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