Fun, new reads-to-be

August 13, 2009


I’m always adding books to my wish list – I use Amazon to organize all of them – but this week I seem to have run into more books than usual that I not only added to the list but am really excited about. Three of them that top the list: Trust Agents: Using the […]

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USDA National Organic Program official seal

Fooducate is one of my favorite food and healthy-eating-for-life blogs. They discuss topics that appeal to everyone, no matter where they fall on the food spectrum, from the most dedicated organic vegans to the average Joe who’s just looking for a bit more information on how awful he’s sure that daily quarter-pounder with cheese is […]

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Digestion. It’s a subject I’m passionate about not only because it has to do with, well, food – woo! – but because I suffered from digestive issues for so many years and have only recently found mercy by adding quality supplements and many more whole and live foods. Whole Foods Market chatted about digestion and […]

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My shameless plug

June 10, 2009

An enormous part of my personal development over the past 2 years and my business success is Vemma Nutrition. If you’d like, you can read a bit more about my network marketing background here, but the short story is that I would not be where I am today without the network marketing industry, Vemma corporate, […]

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