Fooducate: The Organic vs. Conventional Argument

August 3, 2009

USDA National Organic Program official seal Fooducate is one of my favorite food and healthy-eating-for-life blogs. They discuss topics that appeal to everyone, no matter where they fall on the food spectrum, from the most dedicated organic vegans to the average Joe who’s just looking for a bit more information on how awful he’s sure that daily quarter-pounder with cheese is for his health. Plus, you gotta love their tagline; Eat a Bit Better. Fits in nicely with Live Your Best Life Everyday, don’t you think?

One of their latest posts discusses the study just released out of the UK that proclaims organic food to have no additional nutritional value when compared to food conventionally grown/produced. Their summary of the study, their point-of-view, and proposed action steps are a perfect example of why I love this blog. Go check it out…here.

P.S. You can follow Fooducate on Twitter, too.

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