The big soft sticker story

May 15, 2015

Yesterday morning I snuck into my bathroom to get cleaned up and, as usually happens, both girls quickly followed me in there. They can destroy my bathroom in 47 seconds if allowed, but I usually do allow it because if I have to choose between keeping a neat and tidy bathroom and not looking like a disheveled mess all day, I’ll go with the latter every day of the week. I’d rather have mascara on my lashes AND mascara wands all over the floor than, well, mascara in neither place. Undoing the mess is usually number one on my list at nap time.


I am standing in my closet trying to distinguish between the clean clothes and the not-so-clean clothes, when I hear Addy say, “A sticker. Wow, what a neat sticker. MOM! I FOUND A STICKER! It’s so…it’s so…it’s so SOFT!” I peek around the corner of the door to take a look.

She has a small box in her lap. In one hand is a thin rectangular piece of paper. In the other hand, a panty liner.


Of course.

I leap back into the closet to conceal my laugh. I’m not even sure why I felt like I couldn’t laugh in front of her. I guess I found it so ridiculous and hilarious that I didn’t want her to stop doing whatever it was she was doing with it.

I stand in the closet for a moment not saying anything. “Mom it’s sooo sticky!” she finally says. “Mom. MOM. I think it’s stuck to me.”

There was a brief pause and then, “Oh. I got it. Now it’s stuck on Lela.”

Big sister stuck the “sticker” on little sister. There was now a panty liner on the bottom right side of the back of EJ’s shirt.

I left it there until I changed her into her jammies. I left it there for hours. It made me laugh all day long.

The end.

Motherhood is stupidly, ridiculously awesome,



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