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A Boy Named Love, available in paperback and hardcover on

A Boy Named Love, my first children’s book, the first published book accredited to me, is now available. NOW AVAILABLE. It’s listed on Amazon. Just like John Grisham’s books and Jen Hatmaker’s books and Liane Moriarty’s books. Amazon! I’m excited and relieved, but mostly just grateful for all of the support. I can’t wait to […]

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Well. We are making progress, you guys. Slowly but surely my first children’s book, A Boy Named Love, is becoming a reality. I sent a detailed update to all of the Kickstarter backers last week with all the nitty gritty, including a couple illustration sneak peeks and a look into the process of working with […]

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Guess who’s gonna launch a Kickstarter campaign to help get her children’s book off the ground? I’ll give you three guesses. :) — I’ve never published a children’s book before. I know very little about Kickstarter other than some cool people have done some cool things with it. I’ve never created a video before that […]