A Boy Named Love: The illustrations are DONE

June 8, 2015


We are making progress, you guys. Slowly but surely my first children’s book, A Boy Named Love, is becoming a reality.

I sent a detailed update to all of the Kickstarter backers last week with all the nitty gritty, including a couple illustration sneak peeks and a look into the process of working with a professional illustrator. You can check it out right here.

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Next step: arranging the entire thing!

Where to place each illustration on the page? Should this word be bigger font than that word? Should this part of the sentence flow to the next page for emphasis? Arrangement with children’s books is so important. I’m nervous about this step, but ready to tackle it.

Dare I say, finished books in hand by August 1st? July 15th? Oh my oh my oh my.

Have a fabulous week, everyone! Talk later. I have a couple fabulous book reviews I can’t wait to share with you sometime soon.

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