Almost every day there is a new book or two that catches my eye. The fault, probably, of the several newsletters and subscriptions of book-related stuffy stuff that land in my inbox every morning. It’s almost too much! Keyword: almost. So, today, this 16th day of April, this thirty-eight and a half weeks into my […]


Because, my goodness, I can’t get enough of the book-related eye candy on Pinterest lately. Feast your eyes: Is this an art installation? A book shelf? A direct order? READ. –Yessir! — I’m pretty sure the building is sticking its tongue out at us. I’m ok with it. — Picture a whole shelf lined with […]


I was cruising Etsy the other day when I ran into the most darling, book-related wall decal. Well, I take that back. The decal itself is pretty simple. It’s the quote that is the darling part. Here, take a look: So perfect, yes? This decal is from InitialYou’s shop on Etsy. You can find the […]

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The first movie in the Hunger Games trilogy hits theatres this weekend, and this book geek cannot wait. I purchased the first book, I read the first book, I missed sleep because of the first book. I’m pretty sure I turned the final page less than 36 hours after the ink dried on my receipt […]

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My favorite chick lit author, Jane Green, has just released a new book. Chick lit. Kind of an unfortunate category title. Don’t you think? Anyway, I love me a good Jane Green novel. I read Jemima J, one of her earlier works, eight or nine years ago and was hooked. I have read all of […]

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You know how you sometimes have books on your shelf that, for some reason or another, you just can’t ever get yourself to pick up and read? Poor little books. It’s like they’re the last ones chosen for the pick up soccer game at recess. Hopeful and wide-eyed, wishing that every time I approach the […]


End Malaria essay collection

February 8, 2012

Now, this is neat. It’s a collection of essays from successful business authors. There are a bundle of names you might event recognize, like Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, Dave Ramsey, and Pam Slim. It’s a book with an intention of inspiring and motivating the reader. It’s organized into sections like Focus, Courage, and Resilience, with […]

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Christmas Loot

December 29, 2011

Books books books! That’s what Santa brought me for Christmas this year. I mean, how did he know? Such a smartypants, that guy. Babygirl pulled in an impressive percentage of the sixteen total books that the man in red brought me (she’s off to a good start), so here are the newest additions to my […]

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