I’m a Hunger Games geek and not afraid to show it

March 21, 2012

The first movie in the Hunger Games trilogy hits theatres this weekend, and this book geek cannot wait.

I purchased the first book, I read the first book, I missed sleep because of the first book. I’m pretty sure I turned the final page less than 36 hours after the ink dried on my receipt from Barnes & Noble.

I avoided purchasing books two and three because, well, because it was just a couple months ago and I was pregnant and I was tired. And tired pregnant women need their sleep! Or so I told myself.

I think that excuse lasted, like, two days.

Two days later I finished book two. Two days after that, book three.

Phew. THAT was a busy week.

Actually, it was a busy week. I remember stuffing one of the books into my purse and sneaking in a paragraph or two while waiting for appointments to arrive at a coffee shop. I think I even nabbed a couple sentences while in line for soup at Panera.

Geek. I is one. It’s nice to meet you.

So the movie comes out this weekend, and Pinterest is all a’flutter with Hunger Games-related pins this week.

They’re funny. They’re snarky. They’re entertaining.

If you can stand the Hunger Games geekiness, go take a peak. Run a quick search, feast your eyes, and enjoy.

Hunger Games on Pinterest

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