Why Your Why is So Important

September 2, 2010

I just recorded a super-casual, quick thought on your Why:

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

Do you remember Why you’re doing this? Whatever your “this” might be? (This business, this project, this job, this venture, whatever.)

Think about your Why – is it grounded in a goal for yourself or for others?

I’ve noticed that those who not only have a rock-solid, passionate Why of any kind move forward so much faster, but those who have a Why that has to do with others? They’re on a whole other level.

What’s your Why? Does it have to do with a goal for your family? For your spouse? Your Mom? Your kids? Your community? Use that passion, remember WHO you are doing what you’re doing for. When you’re caught up this afternoon or this weekend or next week in the hubbub of life, of this and that, sit back and remember not just the WHY but the WHO. Allow it to simplify things. Remember Why, remember Who, then just do it already.

In the video I explained my why, so now I’d love to hear yours. Share?

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