You’re Smarter Than You Think! Don’t Forget to Share

November 24, 2010

I was sitting in the salon chatting with my hair stylist the other day, and we got to talking about business and learning and self-education. Without really thinking about it, I quickly mentioned several books that I assumed everyone was familiar with – the most important of which was Rich Dad Poor Dad.

She had never heard of it and grew more and more excited about the recommendation. How it could help her husband with the launch of his new business, how it could help her business, how it could affect them personally, etc. She even made plans to run to the bookstore that afternoon.

The entire exchange surprised me. I mean, what? Doesn’t everyone know about Robert Kiyosaki’s work? And how it could change their mindset and assumptions about wealth and business? At the very least, how it’s the #1 bestselling business book?

Be Careful With Assumptions

I shouldn’t have made such an assumption. I had added the specific book titles into the conversation without a thought. If I was in a lazy mood that day or tired of talking I might not have even brought them up. And all of it really got me thinking about sharing. Specifically, sharing with a purpose.

How often do we not share a passion or interest of ours, a piece of our knowledge with others? Are we assuming that they won’t care about it or that it won’t make a difference? Are we assuming that they are already aware? Why?

Value Your Knowledge

Life is often about surrounding yourself with likeminded individuals, those that have similar ideals, similar goals, similar lifestyles. However, I think that in doing so we’re often lead to assume that everyone shares our knowledge and experiences. Yes, everyone in your circle might know, but everyone else? Probably not.

Don’t pre-judge people. Place a higher value on your knowledge and experiences in regards to their benefits to others. Lean towards assuming that your knowledge could be helpful, versus the opposite. Be polite, of course. But place importance on what you have to offer. A book, a company looking to hire, your Mom’s famous stuffing recipe, the best hotel in Rome, your favorite blogger. You never know when what you share could land on needy ears.

In Summary? Share!

I joked with my stylist that I expected a full book report the next time I came in. She practically jumped up and said that she would gladly write down and share her thoughts. Her thoughts, mind you, on a book I selfishly assumed everyone knew was out there. So exciting.

Thoughts? What have you shared lately? What knowledge do you have – big or little – that you’d like more people to know about?

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