Dear Babygirl, I was thinking about today. This day. And I wrote a few things about it, and it kind of turned into a letter at the end. Sorta kinda. A letter to you. It’s sorta kinda a letter and sorta kinda a poem and sorta kinda just a random piece of writing that my […]


Dear Babygirl, I walk up the stairs, your new lamp in hand. Into the nursery, I set it on the side table. It looks cute. Nice purchase, I tell myself. It’s late afternoon, around 5 o’clock. A bad time of day for me and my energy levels. The rocker looks comfy. Real comfy. I decide […]


Dear Babygirl, We need to talk. You know your Mama, I’m not much of a girly girl. Don’t get me wrong, I have grown into a few girly tendencies over the years – pedicures, eyebrow waxes, pickiness about my brand of make-up – but overall I’m a pretty straightforward, unfussy, no-drama kind of gal. Someone […]


Dear Babygirl, Today is Easter, and I can’t help but think what we will be doing, all three of us, next year at this time. You will be almost one year-old by then, crawling around the house, or perhaps even teetering on newly discovered walking feet. Maybe we’ll be up in Iowa with family, you […]

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