Dear Babygirl #11: This very normal day.

April 26, 2012

Dear Babygirl,

I was thinking about today. This day. And I wrote a few things about it, and it kind of turned into a letter at the end. Sorta kinda. A letter to you.

It’s sorta kinda a letter and sorta kinda a poem and sorta kinda just a random piece of writing that my brain threw up and pasted on this page.

I hope you like it.


Today. This day.

This so very normal day.

This day where we eat breakfast together and then he leaves and a to-do list is created and emails are filtered out and whoops the dog hasn’t yet received her meal and the day begins.

This day, with reading and following-up and confirmation phone calls and arranging. A day to warm up a leftover sandwich for lunch and afterwards, she walks right up, sniffing, nose to nose. For five seconds she enjoys the leftover molecules from the strip of bacon the sandwich included and mmm I soak in the delicious scent of Dog Nose.

Damn do I love that smell.

Today. This very normal day, with laundry and dishes and business and projects and a sigh or two and a smile or three in between. This very normal day, with open windows and barking at the mailman and tweets and highlighters and text messages.

This day, crossing off items on my list and thinking how much I love crossing off items on my list and laughing at myself for adding two things I just accomplished that were not on the list so that I could then cross them off the list. This day of setting the pork chops out on the counter to thaw before dinner, of dialing into the conference call, of contacting that new prospect, of swearing over the toilet that won’t stop running and the annoyance at having to walk up the stairs to use the other one twenty minutes after I finish each glass of water.

A so very normal day. Like so many of the others. Appreciating and moving things forward and making progress and planning. Laughing and dreaming and enjoying. Living. And loving.

Today. This day.

I can’t help but think. Will it be my last normal day? My last Now Normal day?

After all, you are arriving soon. Very soon. Any day any moment soon. And then my so very normal days will be totally different so very normal days.

Which, I have a feeling, won’t be normal at all.

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