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May 29, 2014


Last week I was out walking with both kiddos when a landscaper working nearby waved, then called out, “Babysitting today?” Huh? I’m pretty sure these are my own kids. Is this a trick question? Did I look too scrubby to be their mama? Too dressed up? Too old? Too young? These are the questions keeping […]


I had a friend the other day say something to me like, “What’s with all of this writer stuff? Since when have you wanted to be a writer? I feel like it’s coming out of nowhere!” I can’t remember exactly how I responded, but I think I chuckled and mumbled something about the moment a […]


“Tomorrow you write the 1st page of a 365 page book. Make your story count.” – Art Jonak Mmm, the sharp smell of a brand new notebook. Its binding sturdy and cover unblemished. The pages are blank, ready and waiting for scribbles and script. It will soon record the year’s events. The large ones and […]