This is a quiz. Are you ready? It’s multiple choice. Q: What must you do to obtain financing for your real estate investments? a) Be determined to get financing. b) Do not be deterred by people that tell you “No, you cannot get financing.” c) a and b. d) All of the above. — Annoying […]

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You know that moment when you put your finger on something that was just out of your reach before? The feeling that that envokes? That feeling can be powerful. Last night, Hubz and I were having a conversation about money. Not uncommon for most married couples (one would hope). We’re always keeping tabs on where […]


We have an award-winning corporate marketing department and thousands upon thousands of independent brand partners sharing the word about this company. But to have one of our products, the insanely healthy energy drink, featured on one of the most popular daytime television shows? That almost 4 million viewers happened to watch that day? With one […]

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Of all the tidbits of motivation and education and excitement I soaked up during our 5-day stint in Las Vegas earlier this month for the annual Vemma convention, this one takes the cake. It’s a gal named Caroline. She’s not a part of Vemma. Her talk isn’t about Vemma. It’s not even about network marketing. […]

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We have a good relationship with our property management company, but when my cell phone rang at 10:15am on Sunday morning and I looked down and saw their name on the caller id, I have to admit, my heart sank. “Ugh.” was my initial reaction. Nothing good can come of this. We were 200 miles […]

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Although I had several work buddies during my 7 year stint in the corporate world, I never really thought of any of them as friends. Work Buddy: someone you chat with in the break room and go out to lunch with once in a while. Friend: someone you choose to see on the weekends. Big […]

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Writing for the Prairie

March 13, 2012

Sometime during the first few days of 2012, I sat down to reflect on 2011 and write a few goals for the new year. (The list might have included items like Have a baby. Survive having a baby. and Keep breathing.) I put my finger on a big love of my life last year – […]


Networking marketing is such an interesting phenomenon. Some people love it to the point of practically a cult-like obsession. That bothers me. Some people hate it to the point of closing their mind to ever learning what it really is and really isn’t. They loathe it. That bothers me. Some people have never heard of […]