Video: Caroline Casey, “Looking Past Limits”

March 29, 2012

Of all the tidbits of motivation and education and excitement I soaked up during our 5-day stint in Las Vegas earlier this month for the annual Vemma convention, this one takes the cake.

It’s a gal named Caroline. She’s not a part of Vemma. Her talk isn’t about Vemma. It’s not even about network marketing.

It’s about you.

And it’s awesome.

Caroline Casey was born legally blind, and is still only able to see large figures just a few feet away from her face. Her parents didn’t tell her that this wasn’t “normal” until she was 17. Seventeen!! Can you imagine?

Whether related to Vemma, another business, or anything else in your life, I thought you’d enjoy this 5 minute recap of her keynote speech:

Watching this might be the best 5 minutes you spend on yourself all week long.

“Letting go is not living to someone else’s opinion of you.

Do not let someone else define you. Let go. Be yourself.”


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