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We have a good relationship with our property management company, but when my cell phone rang at 10:15am on Sunday morning and I looked down and saw their name on the caller id, I have to admit, my heart sank. “Ugh.” was my initial reaction. Nothing good can come of this. We were 200 miles […]

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It’s official. Our second real estate investment property is rented. A lease has been signed and move-in will happen in just two weeks. Finally! It’s been quite the journey from when we closed on the house late last fall. Here is what we learned. Use our experiences and be ye a smarter investor. Ahem. 1) […]



It’s been over two months since we signed on the dotted line with a property manager for our rental house. I could sum up the experience by saying So Far, So Good! However, I think what might be more accurate is So Far…Pretty Good. Here’s the story… Back in May we called four property managers […]