I was talking with a friend this morning about networking online. Specifically, how there is such a fine line between wasting time on social media and making productive use of social media. It’s a balance between entertainment and fun, and meaningful and useful. I shot a quick video last summer about one of the areas […]



I’m the kind of character that loves working from home, but struggles with it sometimes. And isn’t afraid to admit it. I’m the kind of character that writes because she loves it, but hopes beyond hope that at least one person out there finds a tiny bit of inspiration or hope or…laughter?…from her writing. But […]

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I was reading this morning and thinking about creating stories. The story of a person, after all, is the reason that people pay attention to what that person has to say. It’s their attraction. An interesting story? We’ll listen. An interesting story? You have eyeballs. You have a platform. What you then do with that […]



Every week, Feature Friday Monday will highlight something…cool. It might be a person, it might be a business. It could be a new product, a new site, a new book, a new idea. There are so many amazing people and stories out there that deserve more attention. Attention from all of you, my five, lovely […]

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What determines success

June 20, 2011

There are a lot of opinions out there about what best defines a success. Having the most money, the best lifestyle, the most toys, the least toys, happiness, family, etc. But those are all things one acquires after achieving so-called success. Right? So what best determines success? Ignoring fear. No matter your definition of success, […]

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Via a series of conversations last night, I remembered that several years ago I had written diary-like emails to my parents/myself while on a trip to Belize. It was 2006, and in 2007 I archived them in a hidden little corner of these here Interwebz. And I just found them! This piece, the first, and […]

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With our first solo real estate investment under our belts, this list could be ten or twenty or even one hundred items long. Of all the mistakes we made, however, here are the top five I wish we would have known before we began. Be ye not so dumb. Here we go, the top five […]


Hey, you. How are my five six lovely readers doing today? It’s been about six week since all sorts of cha cha cha changes started happening around here on Since then, things have been a bit…crazy. This is my enormous thank-you for sticking with me. Thank you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much! (That’s a lot.) I know […]