Ohh the possibility

May 24, 2010

EarthHands I wonder how many awesome ideas are dismissed every day – every minute, every second – because they are immediately declared to be “impossible” and thus, never given a second thought. What do you think? Surely many of those ideas, no matter how simple, could be life-changing. Or even world-changing?

An article I was reading this weekend got me thinking about what’s possible. Specifically, that we grossly overestimate what’s impossible. Stated more positively (well, depending on your point of view), are we constantly underestimating what is possible? Underestimating our abilities to think, to create, to accomplish?

How many of these dismissed ideas are later had by someone else who’s actually willing to take action? Someone who then gets all the credit simply because they were “crazy” enough to think it might actually be possible? Or, not just the credit, but the benefit.

Apply this to anything: launching your new internet flim-flam, finally organizing the disaster of boxes in your basement, losing those 40 pounds, getting published in that magazine, setting aside an hour every day amongst kids and work and spouse to read a good book.

Food for thought on this Monday: what are you dismissing as too difficult or impossible that actually could…be?


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