From the Notebook: the past month

April 24, 2012

They’re random, personal, and sometimes incomplete. And they’re always weird. They’re tidbits From The Notebook.

Here are a few things my notebook, unedited, has had to say the past month:

[Encourage + Inspire]
How can I do more of both?

3-23-12, later, in car to Iowa!
Blog Post Idea:
W/ rental props, it is NOT about finding one reason to purchase the home, it’s identifying one reason NOT to buy the home.
If you’re in need of just one reason to buy it, there are many reasons not to, therefore you’re letting emotion get in the way.
Business decisions, when done well, are not made on emotions. They’re made on facts.
Don’t confuse the two.

3-26-12, Monday, 8:28am
I miss Des Moines already.

3-26-12, later
Prego Update:
bp = perfect
babygirl heartbeat = perfect
weight gain = not so perfect

Today was one of those mornings where the air was “orange” when the sun was coming up.
Love it when that happens.

3-30-12, Fri
Weekend challenge from Darren Hardy: “What area, person, or circumstance in your life do you struggle with the most? Start journaling all the aspects of THAT situation you are *grateful* for. Keep a record of everything that reinforces and expands your gratitude in that area.”

Big Dr appt today!
Nursery is totally ready – bring on its human occupant.

4-10-12, 9:26pm
Acid reflux…UGH.

4-11-12, 11:21am

Tweet from Jamie:
“For the bday girl…’The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ -Eleanor Roosevelt”

“Someone who falls and gets back up is stronger than someone who never fell.”
– Jim Kwik

“A day without laughter is a day wasted.”
– Sir Charlie Chaplin

Blog Post Idea: Banning the phrase “Passive Income”
– passive implies no work…ugh.

4-18-12, 10:07pm
Took a long walk w/ N tonight.
Here’s hopin.

Also, we were approached today about privately investing in a project of a couple good friends. Strongly considering it. Stay tuned.

4-19-12, 7:52am
Another morning to wake up and say, “Well, I’m not in labor. I guess I’ll get some work done!”

“A life filled with firsts is a well lived life.” – Art Jonak

4-23-12, 8:55am
Another day. No labor.

No sleep either last night. Well, a little sleep technically, but nothing worth writing about.
N asks every time I get up to pee, “Are you ok? Everything ok?!” and I’m all, “Yes, just another bathroom visit, GO BACK TO SLEEP.” 4-5 visits per night make for quite a bit of repeated conversations.

Everything is so wrapped up. Ready. Waiting. Feel in limbo. It’s 9am and I’ve already completed more than half of the “projects” I came up with to keep myself busy and productive today and my mind off of things. Ruh roh.

This notebook stuff is so embarrassing.

Off to go hide in a corner,

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