From the archives: Resume Creativity

May 26, 2011

Another exhilarating tidbit from the archives. And by exhilarating I of course mean weird and random with a splash of pathetic.

This one I didn’t dig up on an old hard drive. It was farmed from my Tumblr site. I site that, since I’m now spouting off about whatever topic floats into this brain of mine here on, I don’t need.

When me dot com was limited to the tiny box that I put it in, I used a Tumblr blog to collect some of the other randomness that I felt needed to be put on paper.

Err, on keyboard.




If you’re in the market for a jobby job or if you’re in HR or if you’re a decision maker of any capacity in your company, this is for you.

If you’re not one of those, then please stop reading now. If you haven’t already.

But I’m sure you have.

How about I stop now? Mmkay.


Random thought of the day: Resume Creativity
July 2010

What if, instead of the normal resume content of objective statement, educational history, job history, blah blah blah, you just included a url? So, you have your normal header at the top of the page with your name and contact information, and then in the middle of the page, in a giant font surrounded by acres of white space, you have something like:

Then, at the other end of the link is a private YouTube video with an introduction by you, looking straight into the camera lens, repeating your name and objective. And instead of TELLING the viewer your job history and what benefits you could provide to their organization, pull together a series of clips of you actually doing some of those jobs (or acting them out or something).



Can someone do this please? Kthxbye.


Kthxbye? Ugh.

All in favor of banishing that phrase from the internet forever?


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