Work Into Life: How can I help?

September 29, 2011

In need of a bit of inspiration, I was flipping through the past few months of scribbles and scratches in my notebook a couple days ago when I ran into this:

“Some of us choose to work for a living, and some people choose to incorporate work into living.” -@petershankman

I’m not sure where I read the quote from Peter, the guy who founded HARO, an Ironman, and an all-around knowledgeable social media and PR guy, but I liked it enough back in June to grab a pen and record it for good. I liked it then, I like it now. And I think the reason for that is it truly touches upon what I feel like I’m doing with my life, in a way that I’ve never been quite able to describe.

Instead of trying to answer the age old, “So, what do you do?” question with an actual response about running a couple small businesses, blogging, traveling, etc, perhaps I’ll just answer with this quote in mind from here on out.

Q: What do you do, Annie?
A: Well, my job is to, umm, live my life! Oh, and I work a little bit on the side.

Eh? Eh? Think it could work? I mean, it’s a much more honest answer than the “running a couple small businesses” thing. Because…it’s true. After all, I do wake up in the morning, decide what I want to do that day, and incorporate any work responsibilities into that plan. The fact that this is how I have been able to approach my life since January 2010 is unbelievable to me sometimes. It feels like my normal and I already can’t imagine it any other way, yet I am aware and grateful of how blessed/lucky/fortunate I am to be living my life in this manner.

Which leads me to a question, a BIG question: how can I help more people achieve the same thing? Because it sure is fun to live this way, but it’s much more meaningful when you can join me.

How can I help YOU achieve the “incorporating your work into living” situation?

Let me know, and we can live it all together.

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