September 22, 2011

It’s easy to do, many things are.
It’s also easy not to do. That’s the tricky part. ‘It’ meaning, well…everything.

Which side will you choose?

Reasons for doing something are often identical to the excuses for not doing them.

Reasons versus excuses is really just a point of view. A choice.

I don’t have any time…
I have kids…
I don’t have enough money to…

How do you choose to finish the sentence? What point of view do you take?

Do you create an excuse out of it, or use it as your very reason for doing?

Starting a side business, going after a promotion at work, getting a part-time job, working on your personal development, taking a vacation, getting out of debt, volunteering in your community, staying at home with your children. The subject doesn’t matter, it all applies.

Not having any time – is that your excuse for not taking action or your very reason for prioritizing it?

Having kids that keep you busy – is that your excuse or the exact reason you should be doing it? Do you allow them to limit you, or are you sacrificing now to provide better for them later?

I don’t have enough money – what perspective will you take with that? I don’t have any money therefore there is no way I can earn more? Or, I don’t have any money therefore I must do whatever I can to earn more?

Little things or big things, identify one or two of your daily, simple excuses for not doing certain things. Turned around, could they provide the motivation and the precise reason that you should take action?

Rare are the accomplishments that result from complex tasks. Instead, they are achieved by choosing to complete the little, simple things, over and over and over, more often than the next person.

The little, simple things. Easy to do. Easy not to do.

That’s the tricky part.

Reasons for doing them.
Excuses for not doing them.

Which perspective will you choose?

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