What are you excited about?

November 21, 2011

Nothing too complicated in this question: what’s coming up in the next week, the next month, even the next year, that you’re excited about? That you’re looking forward to?

This week…

I’m excited about Thanksgiving.

I’m excited about seeing family.

I’m excited to catch up on a little reading. Seth Godin, anyone? Jane Green, perhaps?

I’m excited about Thanksgiving. Have I mentioned that? And turkey. And pies. Lots and lots of pies.

I’m excited to use my built-in excuse to eat even more turkey than necessary. (I’m 17 weeks pregnant! BABY LIKE TURKEY.)

I’m also excited about my writing, as a couple big steps are happening this week to move me forward in the write-more-than-once-a-week-for-fun department. Stay tuned.

The next couple months…

I’m excited to get our newly acquired second rental property fixed up, rented, and cashflow positive.

I’m excited to get a’movin’ on rental number three.

I’m excited about the launch of a new line of products from Vemma for weight management (called Bod-e), and what it is going to do for the growth of my business and the businesses of the 6000+ Vemma lovelies on my team. We’re entering into an $80 billion domestic market with these products. EIGHTY BILLION. And one with a percentage of the population who are overweight that is hovering around 75%. The company has been around over 7 years now, and things have never, ever been this exciting. Nor crazy. Nor OMG-anything-could-happen-y. Records will be set.

I’m excited pumped for the rest of the holiday season. I love the holidays. Love love love love love. I listen to Christmas music in July and start shopping and planning the perfect gifts in September. It’s my season, baby. Bring it on.

I’m excited to find more ways I can make a difference. Library volunteer? Health and wealth with Vemma? Writing? Real estate, umm, mentoring?? I feel like I’m on the brink of something.

Long term…

I’m excited about the new adventures that mommyhood will bring. All of the learning and the observing and the eye-opening moments. Even all of the crying, the sleeplessness, and the world-upside-down-ness that I’m not naive enough to pretend is not going to be a part of our future come next spring.

Also, I’m excited about what my new life will look like, what I will want it to look like, when Lil Sorensen makes their debut. Will I still want to travel as much, or will I want to stay at home more? Will it spark me to launch new businesses related to my newest job title and family status or will it inspire me to calm down on the business front and simply enjoy this new stage in my life? What types of books and blogs will being a Mommy inspire me to read? Will I even make time to read?! Who knows. But I can’t wait to find out.

Apparently, I’m excited to soak up the answers to all of those questions, and learn as much as I can. Imagine that. :)

What about you? What are you excited about right now? What are you looking forward to?

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