Twenty six point two

October 19, 2011

So. Hubz ran a marathon last weekend. Have I mentioned that?

IMG_1139We were up oh-dark-so-painfully-early o’clock in the morning. Preparations had to be done, after all.

IMG_1145We got to the race site around 6:30am. It was still dark. And early.

And painful.

Hubz stretched. I shivered.

Here’s the start of the race!

Oh yeah, that’s right. I didn’t get a single photo of the start of the race. Because I’m a doofus.

IMG_1149Got him at mile 5, though! Go me!

I mean, go Hubz! Lookin’ great, pumpkin pie!


He had his own cheerleading squad throughout the course, foam noodles, cowbells, and all, traipsing around town trying to avoid all the road closures and his too-fast-for-us-to-keep-up-with mile splits. His wife was stressed. Sigh.

People often asked me, amongst all 18 weeks of his training to run this race, if I ever ran with him. Sometimes I would nicely try and explain that, although I do go for a run once in a while, I don’t care to nor am I even able to cover the mileage that Hubz had to cover as part of his training schedule. Other times, I smiled kindly and responded to the question with a simple, “Umm, no.” And a couple rare times I received the question, I simply laughed and walked away.

Me? Run with him? Ha. Hahaa. HAHAHAA.

More like me run after him, wheezing and panting and laughing at myself at the thought of pretending to be fit enough to run 8 miles per hour.

Hello, my name is Annie, and 6 miles per hour is how I roll. On a good day.

Hubz made it to the end! And here’s the proof.

Well, before I show it to you, I have to ask that you don’t laugh at his wife’s obvious relief when he is officially spotted, nor her pathetic screams of support. I was excited. I could not be held responsible for my actions. I will, however, suggest you listen for the sweet words of my aunt Kay in the background. Her husband, in his 60’s, has run multiple marathons and she is well aware of the effort and discipline it requires.


IMG_1164Afterwards, we posed for a few pics

IMG_1160and relaxed a little

IMG_1162before hobbling back to the car, and back home to celebrate.

It was a great day! Early morning, roadblocks, leg cramps; foam noodles, finish lines, victory medals and all.

Congrats on completing your first marathon, Hubz! I think it was, like, kinda neat and everything.

Your Girlfriend

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