How personal development is more than just reading

July 18, 2011

We have a friend who frequently asks for our opinion on personal development books. Which one he should read next, specifically, and unlike many others who never make it to this step, he actually picks up what we recommend and reads them. Go him!

However, the accolades, sadly, end there. He reads them, we ask what he thought, and his response usually centers around, “It was ok, but I knew all of that stuff already.”

After completing the book, he doesn’t live his life any different than he did before.

He doesn’t grow.
He doesn’t admit to himself that he could grow.
He doesn’t take any action based on what he read.

In essence, he’s just reading. Entertaining himself.

Reading books for entertainment is fine. Great, even. I do it all of the time.

Personal development, though? If you want to improve the circumstances in your life, you have to not only make the decision to read (or listen) and follow through with it, but you have to accept the knowledge you gain and allow it to change you.

Don’t forget the difference, ok?

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