Have you written this down?

February 2, 2012

My definition of success is being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want, without having to think twice about the finances to do so.

A checklist for this success would be:
– do I have complete control over my time? Yup.
– do those that I care about have complete control over their time, too? This would be Hubz, and…nope.
– are my finances in a position where they operate 99% of the time on auto-pilot? 75% there, I’d say. Getting closer.

The parts I’m least comfortable with about this checklist is Hubz. It will be a scary jump for our entire household to be relying on our own businesses. However, isn’t it just as scary for half of our household to be relying on someone else’s business? Hmm.

I will gain confidence and bravery in overcoming this by strengthening my businesses and myself. Always.

The daily to-do’s of this path are:
– adding cashflowing rental properties to our portfolio.
– growing my Vemma business, which is done only by increasing the number of active brand partners in my organization, which is done only by sharing the Vemma story with new people. Over and over and over again.
– developing additional income streams (read: writing).

I commit to doing 6 hours daily of dedicated practice on my to-do’s, for my success.

I will not wing it.
I will move forward intentionally, purposefully, and passionately.

I will not wait for the success to come to me.
I will make it.
I will go to it.

I will work simply. Overcomplicating only leads to frustration.

I will be brave.

I will continue to focus more on saying “Why not?” than “Why?”
Saying “What if it works?” more than “What if it goes wrong?”

And I will help others do the same. As often, and in whatever ways, I can.


Have you written this down? For…you?

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