On Compliments

November 1, 2010

Bashful, by whatleydude on Flickr I love your bag!
You’re a fantastic leader.
Your speech was the most useful of the entire conference.
I really like the design of your blog, nicely done.

Take the compliments life throws at you.

I know I know, way easier said than done, especially if it goes against your core personality. But learn to overcome the instinct to automatically brush off and disprove sincere compliments. Accept them with grace.

Smile, look the complimenter in the eye, and say, “Thank you.”

Do it because it will make the complimenter happy.
Do it because you have the confidence in yourself that they could be true, or that they are true.
Do it because you deserve it.

Also, every time someone kindly accepts a compliment, a kitten is saved. So just do it, mmkay?

And if I may add, you’re looking lovely today.

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