30 Things I’m Thinking About Right Now

November 7, 2013

1. It’s our punkin’s half birthday today! 18 months. Wow.
2. The fall colors this year have been so stunning. I’m not sure if it’s my viewpoint that has changed or that they really are more brilliant this year, but either way, stun-to-the-ning.
3. I have not read a lot lately. I must remedy that. ASAP.
4. What should I read? I feel out of the loop.
5. Should we just sell our rental properties already?
6. Ugh.
7. No. No we shouldn’t. Keep repeating that, Annie. No no no no no.
8. Why won’t she sleep?
9. Why is the dog snoring so loud?

10. Who have I not shared Vemma with this week that I should have?
11. Stay in the game. Stay in the game stay in the game stay in the game.
12. What if everyone thinks my children’s book is dumb?
13. What if no one buys it?
14. What if a ton of people buy it and then expect me to write another one?
15. ACK!
16. I love our new house. It has a huge kitchen desk, plus a lovely office.
17. I love our new house. It has built-in bookshelves out the wazoo.
18. If more people were able to see into the future and see themselves and their lives if they took that risk today, would more of them be willing to do it? But would that even be considered a risk? I guess not…
19. Last year at this time, I was typing like mad and on my way to completing NaNoWriMo 2012.
20. I still have yet to open the file of the manuscript that I wrote last November for NaNoWriMo. Like, not even once. Me scared.

21. If I drink another Bod-e Burn this afternoon, will we run out before my next order arrives?
22. Annie, bump up your next order of Burn so that you don’t run out. Amen.
23. Oh! The baby just moved! Hello, little lovely lady.
24. Hey, little lovely lady, what is your name? Would you mind telling us? We’d really appreciate the help. Thanks so much.
25. My God am I grateful for my Vemma business. Sometimes if I think about it too much, about how it has affected practically everything in my life today, it overwhelms me and spins me into one of those mind meld type situations.
26. You totally know what I mean when I say mind meld, right? Like, think about space and how it goes into infinity. See? Mind meld! That’s what I mean.
27. I wonder if John Grisham’s new book, Sycamore Row, is any good?
28. I wonder why that children’s book, The Day the Crayons Quit, is a bestseller? I kinda sorta maybe didn’t care for it when I read it in B&N the other day.
29. I wonder if Sheryl Sandberg is going to write another book? Man oh man did I love her first one.
30. Umm, I totally want to read this. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.
31. Can I add another hour into the day so I can spend it sipping coffee with vanilla creamer and reading in the sunroom?
32. I can?! Yes! Thanks so much.

Whoops, that was 32.

Hugs, ya’ll. Have a GREAT weekend!

What’re you thinking about today?

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