Things I Would Have Done Differently, Part 1

April 26, 2011

If I were to have the opportunity to start my adult life over again, I would do one general, albeit very important, thing differently: go faster.

Much faster. Taken action earlier, made the decision quicker, pondered less, acted more. Gone after the bigger fish right off the bat, instead of piddling around so long with the small stuff. Waiting until I had “enough experience” or “more time” before I went bigger, thought bigger, acted bigger.

I spent too much time being careful and thinking small.

I shoulda fished for the bigger fishies

Maybe I would have learned even earlier than I did that you get what you ask for. (Err, get what you fish for?)

If I were to start over, I would have read Rich Dad Poor Dad earlier.

I would have taught myself sales and customer service and rejection and leadership via network marketing younger than the old – cough ahem cough – age of 26.

I would have obtained my real estate license sooner. Invested sooner.

I would have networked and prioritized my likeminded friends sooner.

Ohh, the places I could be now. *sniffle*

Sorry. I just turned 30 and I’m feeling old and nostalgic. Bear with me, I’ll get over it eventually.


Anyway, if I could start over with a clean slate at 22, fresh out of college, that’s what I would do.

More. Sooner. Faster. Earlier.

Is this what everybody says, though? I think it is. Hmm. What does that tell you?

  • Cindy

    Happy Birthday, Annie!

    I love this post! It made me realized that I should just start faster without worrying about so much, but that's scary. I'm working on it!

    Also, keep in mind a lot of this is easier in hindsight but maybe you had to get through the “slow” parts to get to where you are now.

    Can't wait to read the next part!

    • Annie Sorensen

      Thanks for the b-day wishes, Cindy. A week+ in and I'm feeling ok…I think.

      Hindsight is the beauty of saying, “If I could do it over…” Nothing better. :)

  • Geoff

    Uh Happy birthday, But please. Wait till your 60. What are you gonna say then. Oh I know. you can't live with regrets, there no time for that. Move forward. Sorry.. guess that's just where I'm at.

    • Annie Sorensen

      Ha, thanks Geoff. Can't beat honesty. No regrets, just reviewing and (quickly, I promise) moving forward.

  • BMH

    Great insight. I'm a bit older than you, but I couldn't agree more.

    • Annie Sorensen

      Thanks, BMH :)

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