Why I’m giving up on personal development

October 18, 2012

Personal development? I’m over it.

It’s exhausting. The image of what personal development means – thinking that I’m never good enough and have to work every day in order to find any measure of success at making myself better than I am? With the natural assumption, of course, that today, in my current state, I’m not good enough to make it? No thank you.

Let’s re-label.

Continual learning. Being a curious soul. Being opinionated, while simultaneously openminded to the opinions of others.

I always have to be better. I NEED TO BE BETTER! Ugh.

I need to be me. I need to be present and confident in who I am and what I am doing. Today. Right now. I need to be all of that now and open to so much more later.

Confident and humble.

Satisfied yet hungry.

This is a lifetime thing, this learning stuff. It’s not a race with a finish line. So why stress about it? This is learning through life and not allowing the thoughts of I’m not good enough creep in.

Because we might be dedicated to constantly learning, but that doesn’t mean we’re not happy with what – or who – we are today.


You with me?

Let’s do this. :)



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