Where do you want to go?

May 4, 2011

objects in the rear view mirror, on Flickr by qthrul

If you are tasked with driving a car forward, using the rear view mirror might make that task rather difficult. And dangerous.

How do you drive a car forward, then? How do you make any progress? Easy. You look directly out the front windshield, not immediately in front of the car but not too far away either, you grip the steering wheel, focus, and put pedal to the metal.

An old analogy, of course, but an important one.

The past matters, I’m not going to say that it doesn’t. However, what happens in your future is entirely defined by what you do right now.

Do nothing, and that past will be your future.

Do a few things kinda halfheartedly and your future will be your past, plus a few hopes and dreams.

If you take major action? Stay openminded? Always be willing to make yourself uncomfortable? Be willing to change? Then you can turn that future of yours into an entirely different picture compared to your past.

But you know what you have to do to begin doing ANY of that?

Look forward. Not behind.

I want to go out into my community.
I want to go into a higher tax bracket! (Err, or maybe I don’t?)
I want to go to a place where Hubz doesn’t have to report to anyone other than himself. (And me, of course! Mua ha hahaa.)

I want to go to a place of higher learning.
I want to go overseas and down under.
I want to go to the land of successful, published authors.

It’s where I want to go. It’s affected by where I’ve been. But it’s not defined by where I’ve been.

Look forward. Not behind.

Where do you want to go?
And more importantly, what are you doing right now to get there?

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