Thoughts of a BlogWorld newbie

October 16, 2009

So. Here I am. I’ve made it through my first day as a nervous, excited, eyes-wide-open newbie at the biggest blogging, online media, and podcasting convention in the world. Nice.
So now I’m sitting here going through all my notes and thoughts and ideas from the day, letting them bounce around in my brain for a bit, and trying to puke them back out as some coherent grouping of sentences. Yeah, pftshh, it’s not going well. And it’s not because I didn’t see or hear or learn anything worthwhile but precisely the opposite. I absorbed and experienced and thought about so much that it’s going to take me more than few hours to digest it all. Much more. I mean, this is motivation, people. Talk about a place where brilliant minds come together. WOW.

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling. The point is, today was eye-opening, and not just because of everything I learned but because I am really launching myself out of my comfort zone by being here. I’m a relative newcomer to the blogging industry, I mean, come on, my Twitter account hasn’t even hit its 1st birthday. I don’t know every famous name in blogging or every influential person in social media. Those nichely famous names that, when a panelist drops them into their presentation, everyone laughs but me. I don’t own a Mac, I don’t make any money from blogging (unless you count $.12 per day as money), and I can’t tell you what it was like to blog back when no one knew the definition of the word. Also, I traveled here and am attending the conference all by myself. I registered and booked the trip on a whim, simply because I just knew I should. So today was eye-opening because I grew. For entrepreneurs and those that strive to always be the best person they can be, stepping outside of your comfort area isn’t anything new. But there are always those times when you realize that you’re not just stepping, you’re launching outside of that zone. And today I did it.

I DID it! And tomorrow I’ll do it again.

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