Random fall fiction book recommendations for anyone and everyone

October 26, 2012


I’ve been soaking in the non-fiction lately. This week, a break. I’m jumping into London Is The Best City In America by Laura Dave. Girly reads! I’m excited.

If you’re looking for a relaxing read for the week/month/season, join me. Dave has three titles to choose from.

I was going through a few of my shelves this weekend, and you know what? Prep is such a great read for anyone going through a transitional period in their life. High school to college. College to the real world. Even middle school to high school. We’ve all had to go through change and learn how to adapt and find ourselves again amongst it.

Life of Pi. Now there’s a read for the theologian. And if you could explain it to me once you’ve finished it, that would be much appreciated. It was made into a movie that will be released sometime next year, maybe that will help.

Feeling unsatisfied with your current life situation? Convinced that the grass is always greener somewhere else? Take a deep breath and relax into Swapping Lives. It will entertain you with its fluffiness. It will calm you with its simple reminder.

And speaking of simple reminders, remember The Westing Game? If you’re feeling nostalgic for those middle school reading lists, jump into this short read some weekend. If you’re a Type A logical-minded geek like me, you’ll love it even more.

It’s fall, and that means hunting seasons. Set aside the firearms and the outings with your dad/uncle/son/brother and pick up The Wilding. It’s full of family relationships and the wilderness and the crazy events that unfold when the two collide. I promise it will pack just as much bang as that .300 ruger. (I just had to text Hubz to ask for the name of that gun. Me know nothing ’bout hunting.)

On the subject of the outdoors, if you’re itching to get outside, antsy for an adventure, or feeling stuck in a modern day rut of menontiny, dive into Into the Wild. Prepare to be inspired and astonished. Just please don’t go to that level of extreme, ok? I’d like you to stick around for a while.

Whoops, Into the Wild isn’t fiction. Crap.

Oh well, read it anyway. It’s so unbelievable it might as well be made up anyway.

If you’re lacking a bit of perspective or feeling like life is just flying by you and you’re missing the little things, pick up Let The Great World Spin. And after you turn the final page, give me a call and educate me on why it’s an award winning book.

I’m so terrible at understanding the award winners. I simultaneously liked and didn’t understand that book.

Were you a The Da Vinci Code fan? Go with one of the lesser read novels from the now-mainstream author, Dan Brown, and read Digital Fortress. Just as action-packed but with a technical, information-security, government spy angle. You might just surprise yourself and end up loving it just as much, if not more, than the Code.

You know the tv show Downtown Abbey? I don’t watch it, but if you do, run and grab The American Heiress. And don’t call it a girly novel. It’s spellbinding yet easy to read. Family relationships and cultural assumptions and riches and class clashes. Man, life seemed so much simpler and powerful 100 years ago. Fascinate yourself.

Happy fall reading, ya’ll! What’s on your book shelf this week?

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