Network for Inspiration

July 20, 2009

Network to InspireI had an unplanned opportunity the other evening to sit down and chat with a fellow entrepreneur and had the most fantastic conversation. I love it when that happens. You’re networking away, just like any other day, introducing yourself to those you’ve never met, and saying hello to those you’ve chatted with before when all of a sudden you and a fellow networker run into a specific topic that you’re both passionate about. And after you’ve come out of your conversational cocoon two hours later and re-joined the party you remember, wow, THAT’s why I spend so much time networking! For entrepreneurs and small business owners, researching new topics, keeping up with the latest news, and educating yourself are constants. There’s always some thing that’s occupying the thing-I’m-most-excited-about corner of your brain. Run into someone who’s corner occupant currently matches yours and you’re off to the races. Conversations like that can not only educate, but inspire, too. Our topic happened to have been 20-somethings using social media to build their personal brands alongside their websites, and I walked away from that conversation so motivated and jazzed that my mind was spinning. You know when you have have HAVE to find your computer and get to work or else you might start twitching? Yeah, like that. The motivation you wish you could bottle up and pour out on demand.

Find a networking opportunity with like-minded people. Engage in conversations. It might just provide the spark – or, inferno – of inspiration you need.

Oh, and while you’re there, pay attention to Zach. He knows what he’s talking about.

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