My Life in iPhone Photos

August 31, 2011

Do you ever go back through the camera roll on your cell phone and amaze yourself at how many odd things you find yourself photographing? I do. And you do, too. Right?

You do, right? Hello?

I’m going to pretend I heard you respond.

According to my iPhone camera, my August went something like this:

IMG_0708I wore a sundress and felt the need to document the occasion with my tongue out. Huh?

IMG_0698Hubz forgot where he left his beer.

IMG_0829The canine slayed me with her beautiful browns.

IMG_0795We went to the lake.

IMG_0790I wore a funny hat.

IMG_0814There were fish in buckets.

IMG_0839Little ones.

IMG_0832And not so little ones.

IMG_0861The canine traveled in style, airing out her feet the entire time.

IMG_0862I think she liked it.

IMG_0864I went on a business road trip, got bored, and took fifty-five photos of my watch.

IMG_0869A girlfriend told me about a yummy new cocktail mixer. I found it!

IMG_0871There was contemplation in hardware store aisles,

IMG_0880first birthday celebrations of goddaughter niece smooshin pies,

IMG_0885and nephews on a fence.

IMG_0897At the Iowa State Fair, upon recommendation demand from my little sister, cheese curds were eaten.

They could have used some ranch.

IMG_0900Hubz and Dad got a little loopy. Curly straws might have been involved.

IMG_0909I had champagne with my pizza. Because I could.

IMG_0915I shopped on a rainy Monday afternoon. Because I could.

IMG_0922I said hello to a beautiful sunrise in Scottsdale, Arizona. Because, well, I could.

IMG_0918Scottsdale gave me a lil BMW!

IMG_0926And somehow convinced me to take a ridiculous and all together completely unnecessary photo of my outfit. I’m sorry, Scottsdale, I…I…I’m not sure what came over me.

IMG_0928I nibbled every chocolate in the box.

You know, to make sure they weren’t poisonous. Or something.

IMG_0931I drank a mocha while sitting against a closed storefront window early on a beautiful Sunday morning, ready to leap up with water and Gu gels for the marathoner-in-training when he jogged by.

IMG_0938I entertained myself at stoplights.

IMG_0945I grilled filets and cobs for two.

IMG_0941And I reminded myself to make sure I don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Gratefully, in that department, I think I’m doing ok.

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