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June 25, 2009

A few share-worthy sites I’ve spent some time with this week:

Zappos blog & core values Do you really know how cool of a company Zappos, the online customer service company disguised as a discount shoe store, is? Very, very cool. I mean, just look at their core values. Neat, eh? While you’re there, read the story of how Zappos began and where they see themselves going.

Young Entrepreneur I’ve only just begun digging into this site but it has already proven that it has a lot to offer. Discussion forums, blog posts, articles on all types of entrepreneurial topics such as Buying a Business, International Trade, Starting a Business, Sales and Marketing, and more, the site is jam-packed with information and support for business owners. All applicable way beyond a ‘young’ entrepreneur. In their own words, “ is an award-winning small business website for entrepreneurs and small businesses and is comprised of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who are truly passionate about economic development and enjoy promoting the formation and success of innovative and growth-oriented companies.” Neat.

Darren Rowse A super-blogger with multiple sites, Darren is best known for, which helps other bloggers learn how to be the best blogger they can be. This week he launched, his namesake site, to use as a forum to chat about whatever random thoughts cross his mind, topics that don’t neatly fall into the categories of his other domains. Considering Darren’s large following and how knowledgeable he is about so many topics, his new blog surely will not disappoint.

Two Sales Girls Jamie Verkamp and Laura Lake, two marketers by trade, also launched their brand new site this week, A place for support, education, and fun for all female entrepreneurs, TwoSalesGirls is a membership site that includes a strong focus on discussion and support and promises weekly podcasts, monthly mastermind calls, and regular email newsletters. (In the spirit of full disclosure, TwoSalesGirls asked me to be a Charter Member of the site and I excitedly accepted. I will be contributing to the discussion forums and participating in the podcasts and calls over the coming weeks and months.) The site is geared towards those in sales (which is, what…all of us?) but just as easily provides benefit to all kinds of entrepreneurial women. Their launch is blowing away expectations, go check it out.

What cool sites have you run into this week?

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