If you have a belief

March 6, 2012

Thought: If you have a belief that’s strong and hairy and big enough, nothing else matters.

The speed bumps don’t matter.
The “how” doesn’t matter.
The haters don’t matter.

Let your belief, whatever it may be, guide you. Allow it to keep your mind focused and clear. Use it to keep the drama, the complicatedness, out of your mind and out of your life.

And out of your way.

Belief. Believe. What do you believe?

I believe that Hubz and I will be 100% financially free within the next 5 years. I picture the residual income we have coming in from multiple sources being larger than the expenses we have to live the lifestyle that we want. I picture both of us with time freedom to enjoy that lifestyle. I picture being able to educate, spend time with, travel with, and raise our children with complete flexibility, with every option available. I picture both of us working when we feel like it, on what we feel like, knowing that we’re only doing it for enjoyment as, after all, we won’t need to.

I picture it to the point that I know it’s true. I believe it is possible and I believe we will make it happen. It’s a future truth. That is my belief.

And you know what’s also true? Nothing else really does matter.

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