Dear Babygirl #17: Stripes are so cool

April 11, 2013

Dear Babygirl,

We have been so busy lately. So very, very busy.

It’s a good busy, this busy is. It’s not a stressful busy, in the sense of oh my gosh if I don’t get this done I won’t get paid and we won’t eat next week type of busy. Thankfully, blessedly, we have never been that type of busy.

But still, busy. This email to send out and that phone call to make and the presentation to prepare and give and those three people to follow up with and the article to edit and that chapter to outline. And oh, what time is it, 8? Awesome, all of this is due by 9.

Through it all, you are there. You are always there. Smiling and giggling and pointing to things with an excited “Uhh!” and a look in your eyes that says, “Mommy! Have you seen that chair over there? Because I’m pretty sure it’s the COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.”

And I love when you find something that’s the coolest thing you have ever seen, because it makes me pause. It makes us pause, together. And we look over at that chair, and we look at you, and we take a breathe and nod and smile back at you and say, “Yes, sweetie. That chair IS so neat, isn’t it? Why don’t you go check it out!”

So you crawl on over and investigate the Coolest Chair Ever a little closer. You might touch it gently with a hilariously pointed chubby finger, furrow your brow, talk to it for a moment, then smile and turn back to us.

“Ahhh! Wuh rah!”
Translated into: “Umm, did you know that this chair has stripes? STRIPES! AHAHAHAHAHAA THAT IS SO COOL.”

And we take a breathe and nod and smile back at you. Again.

Those stripes, honey, they are¬†cool. You’re right. They are so, so cool. Thank you for reminding us.

It’s during times like these, times where our definition of busy is growing to new heights, where we appreciate and love you more than ever.

You remind us of the little things.
You remind us of how awesome a striped chair in the corner of the room really is.

I mean, it’s a chair. WITH STRIPES. WEEEEEEEE!

You remind us that yes there might be looming presentations and conference calls and deadlines and big goals, but you know what? Those things will always be there. And letting them stand in the way of living, of breathing, of smiling and enjoying each other, is not something you, or we, are going to tolerate.

You remind us that you don’t care about busy. Not one bit. Because there are chairs to explore. And many, many other things that you are sure will soon be your next Coolest Thing Ever.

You remind us that busy is simply a state of mind.

And that is reason #47,162 we are grateful for you every second of our lives.

Keep pointing out those stripes, Babygirl. Keep pointing ’em out with gusto.


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