Book Review: The 4-Hour Body

January 24, 2011

Instead of doing a summary of what I liked and didn’t like about Tim Ferriss’ second book, The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman, I thought I would mix it up a bit. So, here we go:

The Top 44 Reasons You Will Love The 4-Hour Body


1. You enjoy books that can double as door stoppers.
2. Because you love moments when you realize that the book you’re reading has nothing (read: NOTHING AT ALL) to do with its title.
3. You really, really like to eat meat.
4. You’re openminded.
5. Multiple photos of Tim Ferriss without a shirt. That’s all I’m saying.
6. You’re fascinated by how your body digests, uses, and stores food.
7. You enjoy learning how to do the minimum amount of work required to get maximum results.
8. You like lentils.
9. You like black coffee, red wine, water, and diet soda, but never enjoy drinking ANY OTHER BEVERAGE ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. Ugh.
10. You don’t like bread. Or pasta. Or chips!
11. You have an interest in making yourself a better person, inside and out.
12. You plan to have kids (or additional kids) someday.
13. You’re a continual learner.
14. You’re able to take-in details about experiments and non-scientific results with a grain of salt.
15. You enjoy visualizing the typical, hiding-out-in-Mama’s-basement geek fan of The 4-Hour Workweek now trying to attempt kettleball swings and two-legged glute activation rasies and something called the Cat Vomit Exercise.
16. You plan to live to 129 but really don’t have a, uhh, plan on how to get there.
17. You’re too fat and want to lose weight.
18. You’re too skinny and want to (healthily) gain weight.
19. You have always wanted to be Babe Ruth or Michael Phelps.
20. Bacon. You’re always looking for an excuse to eat bacon.
21. You’re ready for “real” information about diet, exercise, and nutrition from someone who’s actually put it to the test.
22. You have a bit of a conspiracy-theorist’s mind.
23. Your sex life is important to you. Ahem.
24. Naps! Scientific excuses to take them!
25. Enjoying your life and living as productive and efficient as possible is of interest to you.
26. You’re open to taking cold showers, not wearing a coat, or swimming to boost your fat loss.
27. You like appropriate, non-corny motivational quotes.
28. You are interested in personal stories of the experiments, successes, and failures of Tim Ferriss.
29. Success tidbits. Mixed in! Amongst the food and the fat!
30. Because you have always wanted something resembling a Perfect Posterior.
31. You enjoy reading detailed exercise and nutrition plans that you will immediately forget.
32. You enjoy reading detailed exercise and nutrition plans that you don’t ever really understand.
33. You love buying a book you’ll actually reference and find useful over and over again.
34. You have a secret desire to someday run a marathon.
35. Insights into the NFL. Bonus!
36. The words ‘Turkish Get Up’ intrigue you.
37. You’re an information junkie who’s turned on by the fact that there is ten times more resources online than there even is in the book.
38. You love the idea of eating anything and everything you want and still losing weight.
39. Because you think Uberhuman is fun to say. Uberhuman Uberhuman UBERHUMAN.
40. You want to be in the driver’s seat of your life by controlling your body.
41. You want to improve your inner game.
42. You’re willing to improve your outer game to do so.
43. You want to be a role model for those around you.
44. You want to be a better all-around human.

That about sums it up. Your thoughts?

Have you read Tim’s first book, The 4-Hour Workweek, that centers around lifestyle design? Have you read The 4-Hour Body? Do you plan to?

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