Why read?

January 4, 2011

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I read because…

…it makes me a better conversationalist.

…it opens my eyes to all sorts of things I never would have thought of if I hadn’t read it in a book. A novel talking about family relationships that makes me consider and mull over my own. A high-profile CEO talking about mentorship in a way I’d never thought about. Internet entrepreneurs talking about their mistakes in marketing with social media, comparing them to my own experiences. A journalist in New Orleans recounting his emotions during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that I never understood until then.

I read because…

…self-education is far more powerful than formal education.

…it teaches and reminds me how much I don’t know about the world, about culture, about business, and about life.

People ask me this all the time. Not directly, perhaps, but indirectly with their questions about how I can find the time to read so much, or how I can find books of such different genres so interesting, or how I know so much about books that I haven’t yet even read. It applies to blogs and magazines, too. The answers are really simple, actually.

Why do I read? Because it’s fascinating.


And that’s all there really is to it.

Have you thought about this before? Am I weird in thinking about it this way? (Always a strong possibility. :) )

Why do you spend some of your precious minutes of the day reading books/blogs/magazines? Let me know!

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