Thoughts on friendship, then and now

June 17, 2009

Nathan and I spent last weekend with my college girlfriends and their respective significant others, all celebrating the marriage of one of our closest friends. Gathering with old friends always makes me think of our lives, then and now. We were all together last more than 6 years ago, since then communicating via email and phone, seeing each other maybe one or two weekends a year. Quite a bit of time during those few weekends to develop our own lives, carve out our niche, grow as individuals. No matter how much we grow or in what directions we will remain friends always – that’s an unstated commitment to which we’ve all agreed. However, our gatherings always remind me how much I’ve grown since leaving campus. I’ve read more books than I can count, surrounded myself with the best of those I want to emulate, gotten married, twice experienced home ownership, turned my car into a permanent, rolling, self-education university, become a doggie-mommy, and defined my true passion and purpose in life more than I ever thought I could before turning 30. I’ve started 3 businesses, 2 websites, failed more than I’ve succeeded, and gained a confidence that can only come with truly figuring out what matters most to you in life.

These friends knew me before all of that.

Back when I dated jerks because I didn’t have the ability to realize that I was the better person for not being interested in them, not the other way around. Back when I complained about not having any money, but was unwilling to see how I could change the situation. Back when I thought I wanted to be an orthodontist. Yikes.

They knew me before I knew me. So being around them now, 6 long years later (or, only 6 years later) reminds me of the massive personal growth I’ve experienced since we were all a part of each other’s daily lives. There’s nothing like good friends to humble you and remind you of how far you’ve come. There’s nothing like growing, but not growing apart. And there’s nothing like friends that will love you either way. I’m so grateful for each and every one of them and would most definitely not be the person I have developed into now without their friendship for the crazy person I was then.

Good friends

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