Style: For the love of hats

April 21, 2012

My name is Annie, and I love hats.

You probably already know this, but I love them. Love looove them.

I buy far too many hats.
I wear hats at inopportune times like Monday morning business meetings and Friday nights at the bar with my girlfriends. I am not afraid.

See also: I’m weird.

But here’s a little secret you might not know: I wear hats because I don’t like to do my hair.

Gasp! I know.

I have curly, wild hair. When I take the time to straighten it, it’s great. I can wake up in the morning, give it a fluff and a shake with my fingers, and be out the door.

But when I don’t take the time to straighten it, leaving it curly, it…it…it gets a little out of control. The first day I wash it, it looks great. Curly, cute, totally manageable.

The second day, I wake up and it’s a kinked, frizzy, lopsided disaster. Sometimes a bundle of water and a little curling gel takes it a long way. Other times, not so much.

And heaven forbid a weekend takes the hair to day three. It’s not pretty. That’s all I’m going to say.

Enter, hats.

They save me from getting into trouble when I’m procrastinating the whole washing-the-hair thing. They keep my weekends free from spending 30 minutes with the hairdryer and straightening iron. And they allow me to answer with a resounding “Sure!” when Hubz asks on a Saturday morning, “Let’s leave in 5 minutes to get these errands done. Are you ready?”

Hats. They save me worry, in addition to keeping my inner tomboy happy and satisfied. And my inner accessories-lover.

There are running hats.


That I apparently don’t always wear when running? Hmm.


There are walking-around-a-petting-zoo-with-my-friend’s-kids hats.


That can also double as geese-watching hats.


There are stocking hats with brims.


And stocking hats without brims.

Photo on 2011-01-11 at 21.43

And then there are the hats documented in my Dailybooth feed.

4ae762ba4c1b91bcaf58fe06e3530c64_13994828You guys, I had no idea the damage that documenting daily photos on Dailybooth could do to my I-swear-I-don’t-wear-hats-every-day reputation.





803bb8c3a0e2ddb37f4ecba413f8f8c7_5909919…it’s a little outta control.



Wait, does this one count?



* Borrowed hat alert! *




Remind me next time to stop making such ridiculous faces in my Dailybooth shots, will you? Why I can’t simply look straight into the camera and smile is beyond me.


Anyway, hats. Wouldn’t survive without ’em. Couldn’t survive without ’em.

An integral piece of my daily style.

What about you?

P.S. I haven’t updated Dailybooth in a long time, but if you’d like, you can find my page, here: Perhaps I should jump back into things? If you’re in that space, let me know what you think.


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