On Being an Amazing Gift-Giver

January 31, 2011

Gift-Giving and Success - [anniesorensen.com]

In the spirit of the upcoming (silly, unnecessary, celebrated by some?) Valentine’s Day holiday, I thought I’d share my opinion on gift-giving.

Ok, no laughing about this, but I am convinced that good gift-givers and success go hand-in-hand.

Giving an amazing gift, and I’m not just talking about buying something fancy that the giftee specifically asked for, requires several things. It requires you to pay attention, to be perceptive to likes, dislikes, comments, and reactions of those around you. It requires you to care, truly care, about the people with whom you share your day, work, live, and love. It requires you to organize and prepare, maybe even research. Sometimes it requires a little surprise, a uniqueness or an unpredictability. Also, it requires a little precision – too small of a gesture goes unnoticed, too over-the-top causes embarrassment or even guilt.

And on top of all of that, it requires execution. After all, the most amazing gift idea never given has no chance of being aww’ed over or remembered or changing relationships.

So, that’s my thought on gift-giving.

Pay attention, listen, keep your eyes open. Care care care.
Prepare. Be surprising and unique. Be precise. Execute.

Giving gifts & success. Do you see it?

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