Killing off the complicatedness

September 10, 2012

Sometimes I feel like I make things too complicated.

Clean out this entire house. We have too much stuff! Ahhhh! Why don’t I start with this drawer? Ten minutes a day. Five, even. Start there.

Replace a 6-figure income! I need to start a side business to replace his entire income! Really, Annie? Can you get any more overwhelming than that? Let’s first focus on an additional $100 bucks a month. Then $1000. Then $1500. Go from there. Because you know what? Creating thousands every month takes just about the same actions as creating a hundred every month. Just repeated. Again and again.

The next house and/or city we move to will be our end all be all forever house. We better KNOW it’s the right place before we ever decide to go. We have to be sure sure sure! Oh geez. Can I focus more on today, please? Right now. What do we want for the next year? But schools! Friends! Activities as babygirl grows older! She’s only four months old. Live for right NOW. Stop trying to make decisions for what you think you will want five years from now. Even two years from now.

Maybe it’s my pregnancy brain that quickly morfed into mommy brain, maybe it’s the reflection on life and what you’re doing with it that comes from a major life change. I don’t really know. But I do know that I’m quick to look at the giant picture lately, the enormous picture, and not in the good “take a step back and look at the big picture” way. I’m too often wondering how I’m ever going to climb the mountain without even considering that perhaps I should just, you know, take a step or two. I’ve been looking over the little things, the simplifications. I’m fast to make things a bigger deal than they are.

So here’s my resolution to continue to question the section of my brain that is making life a bit too complicated. My resolution to take every assumption, step back a few feet – a few miles – and politely tear it to pieces.

With simplicity comes clarity. Don’t you think?

Happy Monday. A big week around here with appointments and home projects. But even more, our Vemma business is ramping up in ways that have my head spinning. Amazingness is ahead. I’m ready for it. I’m excited for it.



Simplifying and happy about it,

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