I’m Proud of Network Marketing

October 12, 2011

It’s true. I am proud of this industry. I’m proud that I’m a part of it, I’m proud that it offers people the chance to take control of their life, and I’m proud that I successfully built a business that allowed me to do that very thing.

Also, I like this guy. Eric Worre. He blogs regularly and passionately about the industry, completely separate from the company with which he’s specifically involved. (I actually don’t even know what company that is. Don’t really care.) Eric’s site and his useful and inspiring posts are one of the brightest spots on the web for those involved in the industry of network marketing. Go Eric, go.

Here is why he’s proud of the industry we share:

Thanks for this, Eric. You’re one of the few out there that are not ashamed to share their true opinions for – and support of – this industry.

High-five, friend. High-five.

Your thoughts on this video? Would love to hear ’em.

[If you can’t see the video, click here.]

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