Friday Funday

May 6, 2011

Today is Friday!

Aren’t you glad you have me around to remind you of such things?

Today is a special Friday, in fact, for it’s the first Friday in my new era of No Work Fridays.

After working so many years on the side of my full-time job in order to one day be my own boss, and then accomplishing that goal 15+ months ago, I have no problem doing what I want when I want.

And I’m a pro at making myself feel deserving of such freedoms and taking full advantage of it. A movie on a Tuesday afternoon? Sure. Going out for a two hour breakfast Wednesday morning? Of course. Reading for three hours from bed? YOU BET.

However, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a little self-inflicted guilt when I took advantage of my freedoms. It wasn’t a lot of guilt, just a fleeting feeling. Enough to make me go, Hmm, and eventually drive me bonkers.

I found myself making up for those hours in the evenings, or by crazily running around the rest of the day. I guess I still had some of that corporate mindset swimming around in my conscience.

That brainwashing, corporate monster. He’s a nasty villan.

And speaking of corporate mindsets, who said work weeks had to be 5 days anyway, huh? Who enforces that stuff? Oh yeah, that’s right. THE CORPORATIONS.

So this week I decided to purposefully leave my Friday blank. No scheduled appointments, no defined responsibilities, no deadlines. Nada. When a few people asked on Wednesday about my availability the next few days, I responded with, this and this time on Thursday and that and that time on Monday. Easy peasy.

I’m hoping that this takes away my guilt. I’ve created this lifestyle for myself, darnit, I can do whatever I please. And just because I have big goals for my businesses for the remainder of the year and just because I’m Type A and have to win at everything doesn’t mean that I have to force myself to constrain to an old work schedule or feel bad for enjoying the fruits of my labor.




Today, as of 3:05pm, here is what I’ve done:
– make breakfast for Hubz
– pick up the house
– take myself out to breakfast
– drink too much coffee
– start getting the shakes
– flip through a lovely catalog that came in the mail yesterday
– cruise Twitter & Instagram, check email
– worry that the dog is sick
– take the dog to the vet
– worry that the dog is sick
– wait for two hours while dog gets poked and prodded
– worry that the dog is really sick
– pay $5,479,312 to the vet
– sit on the porch and worry that the dog is sick
– drink more coffee

This Friday Funday stuff? I think I’m gonna like it.

P.S. Please send a new canine. The warranty on mine is running out.

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