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September 19, 2010

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It’s no secret that I am a fan of goal-setting. In fact, you might even go so far to say that I’m a bit bonkers for it. (Let’s see, I talked about it here and here. And it’s also related to this and this.) Nate and I set goals every January, writing down in our journals what we’d like to accomplish for the year. Personal goals, professional goals, everything. We’re even pretty good at reviewing them two to three times throughout the year, discussing how we’ve measured up.

I am aware of the power of setting goals,
I am aware of the importance of actually writing them down,
and I am even aware of how big of a differentiating factor reviewing them regularly can be to their accomplishment.

However, it could be better. We could do better.

I was reminded this weekend of several successful entrepreneurs who review their goals every day. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.


Goal-setting, beyond actually defining the goals themselves, is all about putting into motion the actions necessary to accomplish things you already believe, things you already KNOW will come true. Things that WILL BE true. We review ours about every quarter. But the rest of the year? They sit in a closed journal buried within a pile of paperwork on my desk.

The biggest successes get their goals out in the open. They’re taped up above the monitor on their desk or they’re attached to the back of the medicine cabinet in their bathroom that they open two times a day or they’re smack in the middle of the door to the fridge.

So I guess this is my accountability. Me to you. I’m going to be better.

Let’s set them and write them and review them every day. Several times a day.

I can’t wait to see what we accomplish.

You with me?

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