A thankfulness and gratefulness love letter. And a video. Or two.

November 22, 2012

Sometimes it takes the holidays to force you to step back from your life and take stock. It’s during those times that I realize, holy moley, I’ve got it made. I have a wonderful husband and a healthy, happy daughter. We have a roof over our heads and many options for what to eat every night and extended families that love and support us.

In business, it’s very similar. Sometimes I get stuck in the everyday. The calls and the emails and the appointment requests and the bank statements. The yes’s and no’s and thanks for the suggestion but we’ll get back to you’s. The same people here and the same conversations there. And the rut. Ohh the rut.

I wish it didn’t take a big event to take you away from that everyday and provide you with wider-vision goggles, but sometimes it just does. And every time, without fail, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness and awe at what we have. At the opportunities that we have come across. At all that we still have ahead. It takes everything I have not to collapse to my knees under the weight of it all.

Amazingness. That stuff is heavy.

So, in that vain, I guess I just want to say: thank you.

If you’re reading this, I appreciate you. More than you know.

If you have followed my journey from the beginning or are just joining us, I wouldn’t be here without you.

I think of you often. What you worry about, what you think about, what you dream about and work towards and strive to reach.

You mean so much. Don’t forget.

I hope our walk together continues, and I have countless ideas for new adventures. Let’s go get ’em. Together.


P.S. I recorded a video three years ago, and another two years ago, about this time of year. Thought you might like them. (If you can’t see the videos, please click here.)

P.P.S. I was wearing the same scarf in both of those videos. And today. Goodbye.

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