95 true fans (and the power of the few)

March 21, 2013

Okay. I’m going to share something with you, but you have to promise not to laugh. Okay? No laughing. Like. At all.

So, yeah. I have email subscribers to this here ‘lil blog – the lovely people out there that receive the full post content conveniently in their inbox whenever I post something new.

Perhaps you are one of them. You read and enjoy and trust my content, to the point that you let me into your circle just enough to share your electronic address and invite me into your personal world, the Sacred Inbox World. There are – wait for it – 95 of you.

95! Ninety-five.
I have 95 subscribers.

I’m not really sure what to say about this first, so I guess I’ll just make a list:

1) This is amazing. 95 people care enough about what I write here on this little website that they are willing to invite me into their Inbox World, where new residents are typically not welcomed and old residents are often discarded with a shrug. That is so, so cool.

2) This is pathetic. 95 people? There are 6 billion people in the world, more than half of them connected to the internet. The number of guests that attended my wedding reception is more than twice the number of people that subscribe to my blog. Seriously? Ugh.

3) This is amazing. 95 people. That’s, like, almost 100!

4) This is pathetic. I have 2,553 followers on Twitter. I have a tiny but mighty army of 124 on my Facebook fan page. I have 255 followers for my not-too-great photos on Instagram. And only 95 email subscribers? Ugh.

5) This is amazing. 95 people kinda sorta like me! And my writing!

Gary Vaynerchuk once said that all you need are a few true fans and you can accomplish anything. Not just occasional readers or customers that order once a decade or people that follow you on Twitter but never engage. REAL fans. Engaging, love-everything-you-do, follow-your-every-move, promote you on your behalf, fans. Fans that are also friends! Fan friends.

Fan family.

Sometimes all you need is a few.

My Vemma network marketing business leapt from nothing to generating a 6-figure stream of income for me in less than one year because of two people. TWO. PEOPLE.

One of my biggest writing projects right now stemmed from one person introduced to me last year by a mutual friend. One person.

Another big project was the direct result of one writing assignment for another organization.

(Sorry for the ambiguity.)

Scott Harrison, the founder of charity: water, has helped 3.2 million people get access to clean drinking water over the the last 6 years. His team is large now. But at the beginning, it was just him. One guy.

(I have seen Scott talk in person about charity: water. Holy woah. Watch this.)

I don’t mean to get all sappy and say that one person can really change the world. But, you guys, one person really can change the world.

So the fact that I have 95 of those world-changing people who invite me into their inboxes? Well, it makes this geeky mama get all embarrassed and smiley.

It’s good to remind yourself that sometimes, all it takes is a few people. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes a bit more. But the point is there.

You don’t need thousands or even hundreds of so-so fans. Thousands aren’t necessary to call yourself a success.

If I self-published a book later this year (ahem hint hint ahem), and only one person bought it, what would that feel like?

For a not-yet-published, newbie writer, having one fan who was willing to shell out a few of their hard-earned dollars to read something I wrote would feel pretty darn swell.

True fans. I have 95 of them. You’re one! (Right?)

So many of my posts seem to morph into being love letters to my readers. But there’s a reason for that!

It’s because you’re just so darn awesome. All 17 44 95 of you.

Thanks for being you.


P.S. If you have even one follower, you’re a leader. A success. Don’t forget that, mmkay?

P.P.S. The first follower is the hardest one. If you can have one tiny tidbit of success, you can have a whole boatload. Don’t forget that either.

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